Sep. 5th, 2017

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Went to SCA Sept. Crown. Traffic going up wasn't bad, although we were late enough that the grocery shopping we'd planned to do after we crossed the border didn't happen. We did manage to find enough stuff for breakfast Sat., but nothing for lunch. More on this later.

I had a good time through most of Sat. I found a place in the shade in the Madrone pavilion where I could watch everything and see people as they came by. I ended up having good conversations with several people I hadn't gotten to talk to for a while, as I watched the equestrian championship, part of the rapier cadet tourney, and part of the squire's tourney. However, it was very hot, and the lack of food started to get to me. There were two food vendors on site, but neither one appealed to me.

The people we'd traveled up with were finally ready to leave to find food about 6:30. By this time, my blood sugar had dropped and I was feeling rather sick. I just wanted food, but it was decided by everyone else that we had to go to a fancy french restaurant in Surrey. Now, keep in mind that the whole reason the driver of the car was there was to speak for his provost, who was being elevated at court that evening. By the time we got to the restaurant, were served (food I largely couldn't eat) and waited through dessert, etc., it was too late to go food shopping for the next day before A had to be in court. As it was, he and I went to court, as I couldn't take another car ride, while N and W went to buy food. We just made it to court with about five minutes to spare when the elevation was called. I went to bed not long after Court was over, as I was exhausted and still feeling sick.

I woke up about 1 am, went to the bathroom, after which I felt much better. I stayed up outside the cabin and read until the charge on my Ipad was almost exhausted, then went back to bed. I woke up about 8 am, feeling much better.

Sunday morning: I got dressed in garb and was looking forward to watching Crown tourney. We were supposed to be leaving on Sunday, but A&N had an open house lasting until 4, so they had to be out of the house at least until then (selling their house). I figured that meant that I'd get to watch at least some of the tourney. Wade and I went up to watch the invocation of the lists and look at merchant's, and when we came back to the cabin, A&N were in modern clothes and had most of their stuff packed in the car, told us they couldn't pack any more until our stuff was in. I asked when we were leaving and was told as soon as the car's packed. So, I didn't get to watch any of the tourney, didn't get to see Skapti made a Lion of An Tir, nothing. I spent quite a bit of money on site fee, cabin and food (which we ended up taking home because we didn't stay Sat.), basically to be there one day. Then, to top it off, instead of going straight home, we had to stop in Fairhaven to have lunch and then shop in a bookstore for 2+ hours. I would have much rather spent those two hours watching Crown.

By the time we got home, I was feeling sick again. I'm fairly sure a lot of it was swallowing how angry I was at leaving early yet again, but I may also have picked up a cold. Yesterday, W and I spent going for a drive, and lazing around the house. We have come to the decision that we cannot go to events where A&N are doing the driving. This is not the first time they've insisted on leaving earlier than we wanted, but with missing Skapti becoming a Lion, it is the last time it will affect us.


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