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Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and started emptying the storage closet in the sewing room. I have gotten very tired of not being able to find anything, especially since I know that I have a lot of fabric. The impetus was a new project: a pieced coverlet made of 3 inch squares of coating wool butted together and sewn with the decorative stitches from my sewing machine. Currently I'm putting them together into roughly 12 inch blocks and when I have enough I'll sew those together into a blanket. I couldn't find the scrap wool that I knew was there, so the closet was emptied yesterday. I've been sorting the various boxes as I go and have managed to consolidate a great deal. I think everything will be much easier to find now.

I have also found three boxes worth of projects that are cut and ready to go, including the 18th cen. foundation garments that I have on my list to cut. I'm glad I found them before I cut new ones. The plan is to finish at least one project from the box per week, and since some are just a matter of a hem or waistband, I can probably get more than that done. I have also found all of the silks, including the silk scrap box and the pieced silk coat project.

Today I want to finish with the closet and, if I have enough energy afterward, to attack the mending, which I also have found.
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