Jun. 26th, 2017

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It's been hot most of the last week, so it's been easy not to over-eat. I didn't do as well with exercising, but I did get 2 days of an hour of yard work each, and walks on 2 days. Friday was the eldest child's birthday eve, celebrated by meeting up with friends and family for drinks. I was good, I had one gin and tonic, and then switched to sparkling water. Yesterday we were supposed to go to the Pride parade, but it was too hot to contemplate standing on concrete with several thousand people, so instead we were taken out to breakfast at a new French restaurant, which was wonderful, but I was very bad. Brioche french toast with apples and carmelized suger bad. I did have bacon with it, and I was so full that I didn't quite finish it. I also wasn't hungry again until about 8 last night, when I had a small snack of broiled chicken and salad. We were celebrating Parents Day (combination Mother's and Father's Days, because doing anything on those days is crazy) with the kids, so we took the dog and went for a long walk in the park. We played in the splash park, much to the dog's dismay, and had a great time.


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